The Five Worst Storylines On The Walking Dead

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  1. i don't think these all are the worst. Season 2 is my favorite. Even though the look for Sophia lasted a while other things were going on so I don't have a problem with it. I also liked the flu storyline (which was in Season 4). Frankly, I have hate the entire Alexandria storyline. This is supposed to be the zombocalypse; these people should be scavenging for food in the woods not living in beautiful homes with running water and video games. I also hate Negan, in the comics and TV series. He's too cartoony, like a Batman Forever villain. I also hated the "Rick goes crazy" storyline where he talks to dead people on the phone and sees ghosts. I also hated how the Governor storyline continued into a second season, giving us another bad storyline with those 3 or 4 episodes in season 4 where we follow him as he meets Tara's family. And the whole "building a society" storyline that is ongoing, with the Hilltop and Kingdom. I am not interested in trade rules (Phantom Menace, can you hear me?) and I don't want to see them re-building society. Maybe in the show's final season, but I am not ready to say goodbye to the zombies (as the show has--where did the zombies go? They ae no longer the focus and I don't like it.)

  2. how about you do an article on the worst storylines on Fear the Walking Dead? That would be a long article for such a young show.

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