AMC Releases 14 Bizarre New The Walking Dead Teaser Images

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    Well...Carol, Lizzie, and Mika found pecans, not walnuts. 

    Anyway, the only pic that I have the slightest clue about is the open grave. There's a lot of cardboard in the background that looks like it may have been used to make boxes. There's what looks like a black toolbox. I wondered whether the gun inventory that Olivia was keeping may not have been complete. I wondered if Glenn and Abraham were supposed to have been buried inside the walls of Alexandria, as Negan didn't yet know of the collusion between Alexandria and the Hilltop. I wondered if perhaps there was a sizable cache of guns stored in what were supposed to be Glenn's and Abraham's graves. We can hope that's how it goes. 

  1. picture 10 looks like a group with nothing but daggers in there hands, now if I recall the whisperes have weapons as well ;-) and Scott gimple did say they would be teased very soon :-)

  2. I thought Carol (and crew) found, ate and roasted pecans!!  Not walnuts?!  I guess it doesn't really matter which it was, as long as it's consistent. I'm not sure how it works (location for growing, etc.) but I find it somewhat difficult to believe that they found 1 type in one place and another type in a different place. Although they have covered a lot of ground (moving north) since the episodes where the pecans were. Just pointing out what I'm sure countless others will make note of, as well. 

  3. we do know that Father Gabriel dug a "grave" for Maggie in Alexandria, could have hidden guns in there.

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    I didn't  try to relate it to past or future occurrences but rather common sayings or cliches...ducks in a row, dynamite (exploding, or had enough) nuts (crazy or cracked), grave (digging oneself a hole), melons (head),  shadows (paranoia, hiding), lamps (idea or darkness), corpse (dead or no threat) while I may be completely off track...I had fun pretending I understood. 

    So essentially, our heroes have come to a breaking point...due to the loss of Glenn, and Abraham. The settlements all get together to overthrow the Saviors who have been making the lives of everyone a nightmare. This is a secret of course and thus hiding in the shadows...after putting their heads together they have the idea to do something...any how you can pretty much see where I'm going with it based on the pictures. 

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