Robert Kirkman Wants The Walking Dead To Last At Least 10 Seasons

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    • DarkWater
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    If they keep killing off fan favorite characters they won't last that long, so they need to find a way to keep them alive.

    • kickit
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    Crossdive said ... (original post)

    I'm actually ready for it to end right away. I was a big fan of the show from the start but S7 has just been disgusting and stupid so far. We don't need that. Wrap up the story and sail away.

    Do you think a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies is going to be all puppy farts and sunshine? This is an adult televion show that has an MA rating, you were warned. Just because you can't handle it and doesn't mean it should end. Go back to your safe space and leave the adults alone.

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