The Walking Dead Season 6 Preview: Wolves, Morgan, & Chaos


AMC has released a brand new video of the cast and creators of The Walking Dead offering up a preview of what fans can expect during Season 6. As could be expected, most of the cast appears to be in the dark about what to expect, while showrunner Scott Gimple teases that he knows what is coming.

While Steven Yeun says he has no idea what will happen in Season 6, Norman Reedus says, “I think Season 6 is just going to be total chaos.”

“Looking ahead to Season 6, I know a lot of what’s ahead for the group, but I’m not telling you,” says Gimple. “Every eight episode, this show turns into a new show. That happened this season. The next eight episodes are going to be very different than these last eight episodes.”

Greg Nicotero teases, “And then we see the wolves not far, which we’ve been teasing through the entire second half of the season.”

Executive Producer Tom Luse says, “There’s this mysterious ‘W.’ I think that could come back to haunt them.”

Michael Cudlitz adds, “I assume that threat will become very real and very aggressive.”

In addition to the wolves, Gale Anne Hurd says, “We also can look forward to seeing what Morgan brings, now that he’s reunited with them.”

After talking about how Rick and Morgan are now polar opposites, Andrew Lincoln predicts, “I’ve got a feeling there’s a storm coming. There are bad, bad people out there.”