Remembering Christopher Reeve On His Birthday

Today would have marked the 63rd birthday of one of the world's original super heroes: Christopher Reeve.

Reeve played Superman in 1978's Superman: The Movie, 1980's Superman II, 1983's Superman III, and 1987's Superman IV. Reeve's blossoming career was, however, altered when he suffered a severe injury while horseback riding resulting in the paralysis of his body. That didn't stop him from appearing in a number of television shows and movies, including multiple episodes of CW's Smallville.

Reeve became a beacon of hope for folks suffering from paralysis and founded the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation with his wife in Short Hills, New Jersey to help research cures and treatment.

Fans have long speculated that those involved with 2013's Man of Steel inserted a Christopher Reeve cameo over Henry Cavill's face while his Superman flew up Zod's gravity beam.

Happy birthday, Christopher Reeve. Rest in peace.