Adult Swim Classics Will be Removed From HBO Max Soon

HBO Max has been breaking many hearts this year following the Warner Bros merger with Discovery, as many animated series have been stricken from the streaming service, as well as from Cartoon Network in their entirety. While Adult Swim was considered safe thanks to its success, it seems that not every series from the popular programming block will remain on the streaming service. With creators behind the pulled series recently sharing their thoughts, it has yet to be seen how many other shows might be pulled from HBO and Adult Swim moving forward. 

Tigtone first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2019, becoming successful enough to warrant a second season, though a third never came to fruition. Unfortunately, it appears a new season, along with the library of episodes currently available on both HBO Max and Adult Swim, won't be on for much longer. The creator, Benjamin Martian, announced that all the episodes would be stricken from both streaming platforms, causing Tigtone to suffer a similar fate as the likes of Infinity Train, Aquaman: King of Atlantis, OK K.O., and numerous other animated properties. Unfortunately, Tigtone won't be the only Adult Swim series being pulled, as Lazor Wulf will also leave later this month. Lazor Wulf was first airing on Adult Swim in 2019 as well, also garnering two seasons. 

Benjamin Martin shared official notice via his Twitter Account that Tigtone was being pulled, with the creator behind Lazor Wulf, Henry Bonsu, also stating that his surreal series was being removed:

The official description for Tigtone from Adult Swim reads as such:

"Tigtone is the saga of a quest-addicted hero who slashes his way across a satirical fantasy universe with melodramatic ferocity, always obeying the letter of the law but never its spirit." 

If you haven't had the chance to dig into Lazor Wulf as well, the official description reads as such:

"A wolf with a laser on his back has adventures with his friends."

At present, creators and fans have little knowledge regarding what may or may not remain on Adult Swim, HBO Max, Cartoon Network, or the other platforms that make up both Warner Bros and Discovery, though rest assured, we here at will give you updates as soon as the information arrives. 

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