Adult Swim Is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Series

Adult Swim is one of the most-watched blocks of animation on television these days. From Rick and Morty to The Venture Bros., the program has brought a ton of shows to life since its creation. And now, a schedule update confirms Adult Swim is ready to bring a fan-favorite series back.

The update comes courtesy of Adult Swim's social media as a new schedule went live for Monday, November 22. It was there fans discovered King of the Hill is coming to Adult Swim after a long period away. The animated series will kick off Adult Swim starting tonight at 9:00 PM EST and air back-to-back episodes.

King of the Hill is returning with "Bobby Goes Nuts" before segueing into "Nine Pretty Dark Angry Men". The show will air through 10:00 PM before handing the reigns to Bob's Burgers, American Dad, and more.

Of course, fans know why King of the Hill has been brought to the program's front end. This move comes not long after Family Guy made its exit from Adult Swim. The award-winning comedy finished its popular run at Cartoon Network earlier in the year, leaving fans unsure of what would come next. Now, Adult Swim viewers know the answer is King of the Hill, so only time will tell how this animated sitcom fairs.

After all, King of the Hill is a bit removed from Adult Swim's current offerings. The slice-of-life comedy is very grounded and finds humor in the most mundane moments. Obviously, this type of humor differs from Rick and Morty, for instance. King of the Hill might appeal to old-school fans who grew up with Hank Hill, but Adult Swim's new generation of fans may not know the Hill family. But if they tune into the late-night block moving forward, they might come to like the family's life in Arlen, Texas. 

Are you happy to see King of the Hill return to Adult Swim? Or is there another show out there deserving of the slot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.