Adult Swim Teases Stacked 2023 Schedule

When it comes to animated television, few networks can compete with Cartoon Network. The brand first came into existence to give audiences a place where animation reigned supreme. Between its prime-time series and its late-night comedies, there is plenty on the channel to love. And now, a new article has gone live hyping the additions gunning for Adult Swim.

The information went live recently as Variety did a deep dive into Cartoon Network's animation strategy. It was there Michael Ouweleen, the president of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, addressed recent reports of the programs' downfalls. It was there the executive said both programs have a lot of content coming, and Adult Swim fans will be pleased in particular.

The Future of Animation

"It was weird to wake up a couple of weeks ago and read our obituary as we were alive," he shared. "We've got more stuff coming next year than we had this year."

As the feature went on, fans were given a strict breakdown of things to come at Adult Swim. "On the Adult Swim side, back in 2023 are "Rick and Morty," "YOLO: Silver Destiny," "The Eric Andre Show," "Teenage Euthanasia," "FLCL Grunge" and "FLCL Shoegaze," the list reads. On top of those series, fans can also expect Rick and Morty: The Anime to go live along with new content from Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros.

Clearly, Adult Swim has a packed schedule for 2023, and it is feeling busy this week as well. After all, the late-night program is about to roll out Rick and Morty's latest season finale. And as Cartoon Network's vision shifts under the direction of Warner Bros. Discovery, all eyes are focused on finding new demographics outside the scope of children's TV.

"When we get out of thinking of Cartoon Network as just living and dying based on kid revenue," the president stressed, "It actually frees us up to do more stuff and lean into really what our core always was, which is, let's advance what the animation art form can do, and create iconic stuff."

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