Aggretsuko Season Four Announced

The story of Retsuko, a young red panda accountant who is attempting to conquer the worlds of the [...]

The story of Retsuko, a young red panda accountant who is attempting to conquer the worlds of the office space and casual dating, is returning for a fourth season as confirmed by Netflix for her titular anime series in Aggretsuko! With the third season focusing on Retsuko falling into the world of "Pop Idols" thanks in part to a ridiculous car accident that had her attempting to pay off a debt to the manger of the "OTM Girls", it will be interesting to see where the series created by Sanrio continues to march forward on the streaming service!

Aggretsuko balances the mundane nine to five work life of a young accountant with her "dark secret" in that she relieves stress by walking into a karaoke establishment and singing death metal alone. While more of her friends and family have discovered Retsuko's secret over the three seasons of the anime series, it remains an important part of the show and hilariously gives us the opportunity to see the protagonist's life broken down in the form of screeching death metal. The third season ended with Retsuko giving up the life of a Pop Idol and returning to her day job, so it is anyone's guess as to where the fourth season will go when it comes to Aggretsuko!

Netflix confirmed the arrival of the fourth season via their Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that the adventures of "Aggressive Retsuko" would be making a return to the streaming service, though they have yet to confirm just when we'll be seeing this next season make landfall onto the small screen:

For the past three seasons, Retsuko's co-worker Haida, a young rocking hyena, has been attempting to come to grips with his crush on her, coming to a head in the third season finale wherein he managed to bring back Aggretsuko from the brink by singing alongside her during a metal duet. Though we aren't sure if Haida and Retsuko will ever be an official couple, we imagine that this will be further explored in the fourth season of the popular Netflix anime!

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