ProZD's Sungwon Cho Breaks Down How He Relates To His Aggretsuko Character

The third season of Netflix's Aggretsuko brought the death metal singing, red panda accountant into a brand new environment wherein she was handling the ins and outs of an underground pop idol group, and their manager in Hyodo, voiced by actor SungWon Cho, recently took the chance to chat with us about how he relates to his character! Retsuko finds herself eventually joining the OTM Girls, becoming a pop idol herself but having to come into contact with new dangers and challenges as a result that she would have never encountered in her office!

SungWon Cho is a big name on Youtube, under the moniker of ProZD, making videos that originally poked fun at some of the biggest tropes in anime but eventually branching out to any and everything in between. With his deep, melodious voice, his voice acting career has skyrocketed as he lent his talents to projects such as Borderlands 3 and Legend of the Galactic Heroes!

Aggretsuko was brought to life not only thanks to Netflix, but also the company of Sanrio who is responsible for one of the most profitable characters in the world with Hello Kitty! In Retsuko, her personality isn't as cheery as the albino feline, but perhaps she resonates far more with audiences!

SungWon broke it down for us how he relates to his character and how his personality seemingly made him the perfect fit for this brand new character introduced into the Aggretsuko universe:

"I see parts of myself in Hyodo, I think that sometimes when people meet me, they view me as overly serious. They might see me as stone faced. The scene where Retsuko sees Hyodo screaming "OTM", it reminded me of when people would discover the big old passionate nerd underneath my exterior."

Within the third season, Cho's character of hyodo is given the honor to say "Aggresive Retsuko" for the first time, holding the titular line of the series and we made sure to question what Sung Won thought about his epic line:

"It felt great to have the titular line, to be the first character to actually say Aggretsuko out loud!"


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