Netflix Posts COVID-19 PSA with a Catchy Aggretsuko Song

Netflix has captured the attention of billions in the last few months as the global pandemic [...]

Netflix has captured the attention of billions in the last few months as the global pandemic carries on its course. With so many programs in its catalog, Netflix has use pop culture as a way to unite the public even when people are staying apart, but that isn't all. Netflix is also using its platform to educate users on public health practices, and that is why the brand asked Aggretsuko to star in a PSA for the cause.

And as you can imagine, the beloved red panda has some things to say. It all begins with an easy opening, but the Netflix PSA ends with Retsuko raging on the microphone as she sings a song you'll want to remember.

The metal track Retsuko sings will certainly wake up anyone listening, and you can hear it in the video below. The Aggretsuko PSA follows Retsuko after what seems like a stressful day, and she hits up a sparse karaoke club to vent her feelings. It is there she makes up a song, and it might come in handy for you.

"When you're outside / Keep your distance / When you wash hands / Twenty seconds / When you wear masks / Fit them tight / Please stay home / It'll be alright," the song goes.

Of course, these lyrics reflect the actual public health and safety guidelines iterated by organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Not only is social distancing highly advocated but the rules ask the public to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth. As much of the country begins to open up in phases, cases of COVID-10 have spiked in states like Tennessee and California. This short Netflix reminder is one of many asking us all to be compassionate for others at this time. And if Retsuko has to remind us all again, well - she isn't going to be so nice about it.

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