Aliens vs Predator Anime Director Breaks Silence on Shelved Show

The director of the shelved Aliens vs Predator anime is breaking their silence on the mysterious show.

Earlier this year, anime fans were presented with a truly wild story. A report surfaced that an anime based on Aliens vs Predator was lurking in limbo, and it didn't take long before the news was confirmed. Shinji Aramaki admitted the reports were true as he directed the unreleased Aliens vs Predator series, and now the creator is breaking their silence on the mysterious project.

The update was shared this weekend at Otakon as Aramaki hosted a panel at the event. It was there he showed screenshots and designs from the Aliens vs Predator anime. The art dates back to 2015, and fans were treated to the show's working title Aliens vs Predator: Annihilation.

During his appearance at Otakon, Aramaki told fans the anime series consisted of 10 episodes the last he knew. As for its story, the Aliens vs Predator anime took place on a massive ship used for immigration. Various predator factions were involved with the show's plot, and the aliens we first met under director Ridley Scott played a major role. But when it comes to specifics, Aramaki said he would refrain from spilling the beans should the Aliens vs Predator anime ever see the light of day.

As you can imagine, anime and movie buffs are most definitely eager for this shelved series to drop. Aliens vs Predator: Annihilation would have been spearheaded in some way by 21st Century Fox as the production company oversaw the crossover IP. In 2019, Disney acquired most of the IPs under 21st Century Fox, so we can only hope Mickey Mouse is still sitting on this adaptation. So if The Walt Disney Company wants to spotlight Disney+, it would be smart to release this adaptation ASAP.

As for Aramaki, he is keeping busy with work in Japan. Currently, he and collaborator Hideki Kakinuma are working on a series titled Genesis Breaker. From Ultraman to Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Aramaki has worked on a ton of top-tier projects. Hopefully, Aliens vs Predator: Annihilation will join the list soon...!

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