Alita: Battle Angel Sequel - Is Producer Jon Landau Teasing One?

It is no secret that Alita: Battle Angel stands as one of the best anime adaptations out there, [...]

It is no secret that Alita: Battle Angel stands as one of the best anime adaptations out there, and fans are eager for a sequel. Sadly, it seems like Alita has been put on the back burner by Disney after the company took in all the film IPs which Fox once owned. Netizens have been forced to find new and creative ways to campaign for Alita's sequel, but a new post from producer Jon Landau has some wondering if the project might be in the works.

After all, Landau did hit up Instagram with a post dedicated to the Alita Army and their campaign to get a sequel. The producer posted a photo of himself wearing a shirt proving he's just as eager for a sequel to happen. But for the time being, it doesn't look like the project is actually being pushed into development.

If you want to see the post which Landau made, you can find it below. The producer is seen standing before some California greenery while wearing a very timely shirt. The grey top has a picture of Alita printed on it, and the text surrounding the image reads, "Wash Your Hands. I Want A Sequel."

Of course, fans were happy to see Landau join the fight for a sequel, and the group can use all the help it can get. While Alita: Battle Angel has become a cult success following its theatrical release, the live-action anime was not a hit from the start. Word of mouth helped the movie grow gradually into its $404.9 million global box office gross, and that is impressive given the film's $170 million production budget. But with Alita under Disney now, the movie's box office is being compared to billion-dollar hits like Avengers, so fans are working hard to show the studio while the movie deserves a follow up.

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