Toei Fiscal Report Proves Dragon Ball and One Piece Are on the Rise

The numbers are in, and again, it looks like the two kings of shonen are bringing in bank for Toei. This week, the company shared its latest fiscal report which details its Q3 2023 numbers. As it turns out, Dragon Ball and One Piece are leading the pack as more fans than ever have eyes on the hits.

As you can see below, the Q3 data shows Domestic Licensing for Toei put One Piece at the top. The series brought in nearly five billion yen while Dragon Ball led second with more than four billion yen. Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon showed out the list which ultimately earned Toei close to 12 billion yen in Q3.

As for Overseas Films, One Piece came in top again with 5.2 billion yen while Dragon Ball came second at 4.3 billion. The return of Slam Dunk helped the anime earn third place, and Pretty Cure wrapped the top list at fourth. And when it comes to Overseas Licensing for shows, the story repeats with a twist.

After all, Dragon Ball took first place in that category with 8.1 billion yen while One Pice was up this quarter at 3.8 billion versus 2.9 billion. Digimon took third place, and then Slam Dunk wrapped things up with 684 million yen.

Clearly, Toei is earning big money from its top franchises, and Dragon Ball is still floating at the top despite its lack of anime updates. In the wake of its latest film, no news has surfaced about Goku's future on-screen, but the same cannot be said about One Piece. The series is drawing headlines daily with the manga's final act or the anime's stellar animation. So if Goku isn't careful, Luffy might lap him in every category at Toei before long...

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