Arcane Season 2 Shares New Character Posters

Arcane season two will share new info at Annecy Festival this month.

It has been a long wait, but soon enough, Arcane will make its return to Netflix. The hit animated series is set to drop season two this year, and of course, all eyes are on what Arcane will dish out. This week, it seems Arcane season two will keep Netflix busy as it is heading to Annecy Film Festival. And now, the event has released two new posters to hype Arcane's next season.

As you can see below, the two promo posters were spotted in France as the 2024 Annecy Film Festival began. The event, which runs through June 15, promises to bring the best of animation together. Netflix's lengthy slate for Annecy Film Festival includes a panel dedicated to Arcane season two, so these new character posters are hardly a shock.

After all, the first Arcane poster to the left put Vi center stage, and they look ready to battle. The shot is incredibly close up as we can see the girl's tattoos and lifted brow. And to the right, the second Arcane poster puts Jinx center stage for us all. We are given a side profile of the heroine as she looks into the distance, and it seems Jinx is putting together a strategy of sorts. So honestly, god help us all.

For those not familiar with Arcane and its legacy at Netflix, the animated series got its start in November 2021 after Riot Games and Studio Fortiche announced it in 2019. The ambitious animated series earned quick praise with season one for its complex themes and innovative art. Now, Arcane is slated to return to the World of League of Legends with season two, and fans couldn't be more ready.

If you need to brush up on all things Arcane, no problem. The hit series is streaming on Netflix in full. So for more info on the animated series, you can read its official synopsis below:

"In the cities of Piltover and Zaun, tensions rise as inventors, hooligans, politicians, and crime lords grow increasingly dissatisfied with the constraints of a devastated society. With the situation on the verge of being unsustainable, two sisters steal an artifact of immeasurable power. Discovery and danger collide as heroes are born and bonds are broken. Will this power change the world? Or will it lead to ruin? This is the world of Arcane."

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