Attack On Titan Goes All Out with Its New Anti-Titan Technology

Attack on Titan's return for the final set of episodes in season 4 wasted no time thrilling fans. Picking up right from the end of season 4.1 (way back in Spring 2021). It is an all-out war on the shores of the Paradis Island, as Marley launched its big invasion, just as Eren Jaeger's Founding Titan gets jumped by the titans of Marley's Warriors. Still, with the powers of both the Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan on his side, Eren is able to hold his own; however, that fact changes quickly when Marley reveals it also has a new kind of Anti-Titan Weapon that Eren is not prepared for! 

(Warning: Attack On Titan Episode 76 SPOILERS Follow!) 

Eren was first ambushed by Porco's Jaw Titan, who helped Pieck pull off her double-agent ruse and launch the Cart Titan within Paradis's ranks. The situation gets more drastic when Reiner jumps in for a big rematch as the Armored Titan, forcing Eren to fight on multiple fronts. With the power of the War Hammer Titan, Eren creates a bed of spikes that impale the Armored and Jaw Titans, incapacitating them in an instant. The Survey Corps jump in to help cover Eren – and that's when a powerful gunshot rips right through the head of Eren's Titan. It's revealed that the devastating shot was fired from a massive cannon mounted on the back of Pieck's Titan. 

One of the ad break sections describes the new Marley Anit-Titan weapon as such: "Following the raid on Liberio where the Cart Titan's turret gear was damaged, new gear was designed to defeat the Founding Titan." 

(Photo: MAPPA)

Previously, Pieck's gun mount was a turret with heavy armoring and machine guns; it proved to be especially deadly when it came to shooting down Survey Corps members on the attack with their ODM gear. However, Pieck and co. also learned the hard way that the cart titan was vulnerable to both single-soldier sniper fire (Sasha), while the Cart Titan is no match for the likes of the Attack Titan. Now, with this new three-man cannon system that Pieck is wielding, the Cart Titan's speed and agility finally have power behind them to take out competing Titans. 

Marley can will no doubt have more applications for this weaponry – which means that Paradis and the Survey Corps now have even bigger challenges to overcome. 

Attack On Titan is streaming its final episodes weekly on Funimation and Hulu.