Attack on Titan Just Debuted One of Its Most Violent Episodes to Date

Whether it meant to or not, Attack on Titan has earned the reputation for leaning into violence and all the things that come with it. While the show is mainly focused on human drama, that isn't to say Attack on Titan is lacking in gore. In fact, the show is graphic quite often, but its last season or so has backed away from violence in lieu of political intrigue. But thanks to its comeback, the anime is back to its old ways and dropping what might be its most violent episode yet. 

The whole thing kicked off this week when Attack on Titan season four returned with a huge episode. After leaving off on a cliffhanger, fans were met with war as MAPPA began two battles. For one, fans watched as Eren fought with Reiner and Porco in their full titan forms. And as their battle waged, Attack on Titan brought out a very different war between Marley and the Yeagerists.

As you can see above, fans were stunned by how the man-on-man war went this week. Attack on Titan has gone through these battles before, and season three often censored its most brutal moments out of either budget or politics. But under MAPPA, well – the anime committee seems to have a different take on censorship.

This midseason premiere not only leaned into bloodshed and some gore, but Attack on Titan showed more on-screen deaths than usual. We even saw a Yeagerist turn his maneuvering gear into a garrote to kill a soldier, and it was hard to watch. Sure, the one-on-two titan fight was brutal to watch, but it feels less real than watching two men fight to the death on a battlefield. This sentiment was shared by fans this week as everyone was taken aback by Attack on Titan's violence, and it seems there is even more to come in season four.

Did you notice how violent this midseason premiere was? Do you think Attack on Titan will continue to be this graphic? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.