Attack on Titan Fights the Coronavirus with Handy PSA

When it comes to public health, people cannot be too careful. All eyes are on the coronavirus as [...]

When it comes to public health, people cannot be too careful. All eyes are on the coronavirus as the infectious illness makes its way around the globe, but other bugs like the flu are creeping in as well. From the United States to Japan, people are doing what they can to keep themselves healthy, and a resurfaced public safety announcement from Attack on Titan is reminding anime lovers to keep good hygiene.

Over on Twitter, the PSA began making rounds with fans. The poster, which can be found below, was first thought to be brand new and created for the coronavirus specifically. However, this reminder was published awhile back for the flu, but its hygiene protocols are keeping Attack on Titan fans vigilant for the coronavirus.

The poster shows the Colossal Titan with his mouth wide open in the top lefthand corner, and you know he's got to be blasting out viruses with every breath. The Survey Corps are determined to wipe out his uncleanly behavior, so that is why Captain Levi points out his star soldiers as examples of good hygiene.

attack on titan coronavirus
(Photo: Kodansha)

Even, Armin, and Mikasa are all shown in a line as you can tell. Armin is keeping good health with a face mask, which U.S. doctors are downplaying in the West as a way to avoid the virus. Still, Armin is wearing the mask properly, and Eren adds to the conversation as he covers his mouth when coughing. Finally, Mikasa stresses how important it is to use tissues when sneezing or blowing your nose to keep any expelled germs out of the air.

These safety measures are as viable for the flu as they are for the coronavirus but the illnesses are far from the same. While their initial symptoms may present similarly, coronavirus has a longer incubation period and has the ability to greatly affect respiratory function, especially in high-risk patients. You can read up on the virus' symptoms below via the CDC:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

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