Attack on Titan Cliffhanger Teases a Major Farewell

Attack on Titan's latest cliffhanger teases a major farewell with the newest chapter of the [...]

Attack on Titan's latest cliffhanger teases a major farewell with the newest chapter of the series! Hajime Isayama's original manga series will be reaching its end in April, so each new chapter of the manga has been more important than ever. The series has been in the midst of its final climax for a few months now, and it's only gotten more intense as the end of the series begins to take shape. This is certainly the case for the fight against Eren's terrifying final form, and although the Survey Corps had struggled before, the newest chapter changes things.

Chapter 137 of Attack on Titan sees Armin and Zeke have a heart to heart conversation in the Coordinate Space, and this is crucial to bringing the fight against Eren to its end. Because the only reason Eren has the ability to control the Rumbling now is through Zeke and the Founding Titan, and by the end of the chapter he's got neither of these. Meaning Armin potentially says his final farewell to Eren at the end of the chapter.

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The final arc of the series has seen Armin grapple with what kind of violence both sides of the war are inflicting on one another, and the final twist of the knife has pit him directly against one of his best friends as their ideologies continue to clash. With Chapter 137, he and Zeke come to an understanding about what this war has done to them and Eren and Zeke eventually relents.

This opens up Eren's body for the final attack, and this means Armin is playing the final crucial role in potentially taking down the massive body. As the chapter comes to an end, their combined forces manage to separate Eren's head from his massive skeletal form. With Reiner keeping the two halves separated, Armin transforms and a full Colossal Titan blast consumes the area as he bids Eren farewell. Mikasa watches on as it's uncertain whether or not this will be the final blow.

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