Attack on Titan Gives Armin the Ultimate Promotion

Attack on Titan's final arc is reaching its climax, and with the newest chapter has given Armin the ultimate promotion. Now that Eren has vowed to destroy a majority of the world with the power of the Founding Titan, and Levi injured and essentially out of commission, Armin has become extremely important over the last few arcs as he's been the one to come up with last minute plans and maneuvers just like he did in their early days as members of the Survey Corps. But although the Corps has been stripped down to a few people, they still need a leader.

Chapter 132 of the series sees Hange decide to buy the Survey Corps as much time as they can before the Rumbling of the Wall Titans makes it to where they are currently hiding, and it's here that Hange officially passes on the position of commander to Armin. Meaning that Armin Arlert is now 15th Commander of the Survey Corps as Attack on Titan hurries toward its end.

The title unfortunately holds very little real standing as the Survey Corps forces are a pittance compared to what they were when the series first began, but this is more of a show of confidence Hange has just as when Erwin made the same type of decision to trust in Armin when the situation truly called for it.

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(Photo: Kodansha)

As Hange prepares to sacrifice themself to hold off the Wall Titans, Hange passes on the mantle to Armin and cites his quick decision making under pressure (and the fact that Levi has essentially been taken out of action due to the severity of his injuries), Armin is the perfect one to take on the job to lead humanity's final group in the fight against Eren.


Armin has been growing in prominence throughout this final arc as someone who would seem positioned to take on Eren in this final battle, and now this promotion will squarely put him in Eren's sights once humanity launches their final gambit against him. This is further complicated by Mikasa's feelings in the matter, and thus makes this final arc all the more intense.

Surprised to see Armin promoted to the Commander of the Survey Corps? Did you ever imagine a position like that would be possible for someone like Armin? How do you think the final fight with Eren will go from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!