Attack on Titan Teases Mikasa's Last-Ditch Plan for Eren

Attack on Titan has set up some delicious drama with its final arc, but it hasn't satisfied everyone's palate. The manga has been on a dark streak for months now as dozens of high-profile characters have been killed. And with Eren on a new side, fans watched as Mikasa informed the world of her plans for the boy whenever they are reunited.

The revelation came in chapter 132 of Attack on Titan. The update was a bleak one from start to finish given its consequences. At one point, things did lighten up ever so softy when Mikasa had a chat with Annie, and it was there the two girls leveled with one another.

The conversation gave Mikasa her first look at Annie's growing crush on Armin, but that is not all. The heroine took the moment to tell Annie she plans to see Eren once she reaches Marley, and she had a single goal in mind for the reunion.

Attack on Titan Mikasa Anime
(Photo: WIT Studio)

"I am going to see Eren. I won't kill. I'm going to get the old Eren back. I just want that," Mikasa says.


Of course, Annie seems to have clued into Mikasa's true feelings for Eren. In fact, it would be hard for any of her comrades to miss the signs these days. While Mikasa vows she will not kill Eren to save humanity, Attack on Titan fans are worried the girl will be left with no other choice. And if there is any hesitation in stopping Eren, it could leave her dead or make way for the deaths of millions of others.

Do you think Mikasa will be able to reach Eren? Or will she be forced to kill her childhood friend and unrequited love? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.