Attack on Titan Reveals Levi's Reaction to THAT Death

Attack on Titan has killed a great number of people in its lifetime, and the manga has only doubled down on its body count as of late. The series' final arc has been particularly deadly, and the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan gave Levi the chance to share his last words with a close friend.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Attack on Titan chapter 132! Please read on with extreme caution:

For those who are caught up with the manga, they will know the death in question. Attack on Titan got really emotional as it showed the death of Hange. The heroine has been with the series since day one, and her spirit has become one of the most tenacious in Paradis. Of course, that means she was the first to volunteer her life when the Rumbling ambushed the team.


"I brought everyone here. I killed countless comrades to be here. I will take that burden," Hange told the group as they prepared to head to Marley. She made a quit exit before heading towards Levi, and the infamous soldier was visibly grieved at his friend's coming death.

"You know it Levi. My time has come. I want to go out with a bang so please let me go."

With a final word of encouragement, Levi leaves Hange to face her fate with a phrase uttered by so many before him. "Dedicate your heart," Levi tells Hange, and she can only laugh since the man has never said that phrase to her.


Sadly, Hange is killed in her final stand against the Rumbling, and fans got misty-eyed seeing her reunite with those who died before her afterward. Hange and Erwin had a good laugh about Levi in their shared afterlife, and fans know it will be a bittersweet moment when Levi is finally reunited with his two friends.

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