'Attack on Titan' Finally Brings Back Levi

Attack on Titan fans have done their waiting. It’s been a long while since Levi made an [...]

Attack on Titan fans have done their waiting. It's been a long while since Levi made an appearance in the manga, and some were starting to go through withdrawals. Fans have been asking when the feared Captain would make his return, but they do not have to ask any longer.

After all, Levi did just make his manga comeback, and it was as glorious as fans had hoped for.

Attack on Titan will see its 102nd chapter go live this week, and translations of the title have hit the Internet already. The long-awaited release shows Eren Jaeger laying waste to Marley alongside the Survey Corps. The ambush continues smoothly as the country's chain of command breaks down due to the attack, but Marley's own Titans will not go down without a fight.

Eren's Founding Titan is seen fighting the War Hammer Titan after the latter survives an attack from Mikasa. When Eren goes to eat the Titan's true body and absorb its power, he is stopped by a very different opponent. The Jaw Titan makes its debut and clenches down on Eren as a distraction, but the Marley soldier did not know who was watching them.

The manga reveals that Levi was posted atop a pole watching the Jaw Titan take on Eren. When the Marley soldier tries to eat Eren, the Jaw Titan is slashed on the side of his neck before an explosion goes off behind him. When the Porco realizes what is happening, he finds Levi zipping ahead of him as the Captain sets off a strategy for the Survey Corps to attack the Jaw Titan.

Lucky for Porco, he is spared from the ambush because of the Cart Titan. His comrade scatters the Paradis invaders with her artillery payload, but they are not out of the clear yet. The Survey Corps and Eren are still rearing to fight, and Marley's Titan will have their work cut out for them because of Paradis' well-trained forces. And, if Levi is heading up his country's squad, then Marley has good reason to be scared.

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