Attack on Titan Theory Sets Up Reiner's Final Sacrifice

Attack on Titan has put out its penultimate chapter, and things are looking bleak for the series [...]

Attack on Titan has put out its penultimate chapter, and things are looking bleak for the series ahead of its finale. Even in its final moment, Eren caused more chaos than expected in chapter 138, so fans are doing their best to cope with what they witnessed. And now, a popular fan-theory seems to have nailed how Reiner's story will end in light of one ally's dark fate.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers for Attack on Titan below!

For those caught up with the manga, you will know what Eren managed to do before he was taken out by Mikasa. The heroine did manage to kill the soldier in the end, but his status as humanity's true enemy raged before Mikasa could find him. At that moment, Attack on Titan fans watched as Eren turned hundreds of Eldians into mindless Titans in his bid to recover footing, and Gabi was one of the many turned.

Reiner continued his fight with Eren to little success as the chapter continued, so you can imagine how he felt seeing Gabi turned. The man was in shock as he watched Gabi's pure Titan roam around the battlefield. While Eren might be dead, there is no reason for fans to think these Titans will be turned back into humans as a parting gift, so fans believe Reiner will use the finale to save his cousin's life.

For years, Reiner has tried his best to keep Gabi from inheriting the Armored Titan, but it seems the issue has been forced. Falco has been given the Jaw Titan, and now, Reiner could save Gabi's life by allowing her pure Titan form to eat him. If that goes as planned, Gabi will inherit the Armored Titan and give her a new lease on life. That is, a lease that lasts 13 years before it expires. Reiner is coming up on the end of his contract, and given his obsession with sacrifice, this sort of death would be preferable for Reiner.

Of course, there is still a chance all of Eren's damage will be undone by Ymir, but fans are not counting on it. Reiner might have to leave the world if he wants Gabi to stick around in it. And if the choice comes down to him or her, we know Reiner will pick his cousin in a heartbeat.

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