Attack On Titan Dives Into The World of...Toothpaste

For a series as dark as Attack On Titan, the anime franchise created by Hajime Isayama certainly hasn't been afraid to create some hilarious crossovers in its past when it comes to merchandise, with the series recently teaming up with a cleaning supply company to leverage Captain Levi's hilarious aesthetic. Now, it seems as though Attack On Titan will be battling for dental hygiene with an upcoming crossover that will see the Scout Regiment teaming up with Sunstar, a Japanese toothpaste company, to fight against cavities and sell some Titan themed dental materials along the way.

The second half of the final season of Attack On Titan's anime is set to land in January of next year, bringing to a close the war between the Eldians and the Marleyians once and for all. With the series having no qualms about diving into some dark territory, expect some major casualties from all parties involved as the anime series takes its curtain call in 2022. While the manga came to an end earlier this year, Hajime Isayama revealed a director's cut that hinted that the current events of the series have come to a close but there might be room for the franchise to return as the seeds are planted for a potential sequel down the line.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared the details about the collaboration between the anime franchise and the dental hygiene company, posting images that see members of the Scout Regiment Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Hange getting makeovers that make them look closer to dentists than hardened soldiers:

The fourth season of Attack On Titan will once again be given life by Studio MAPPA, the animation house that took the reins of the series from Wit Studio for the final season. With MAPPA becoming a larger part of the anime world with the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yasuke, and the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime adaptation, fans are highly anticipating the second half of the final season for Attack On Titan's anime, which is sure to be one of the biggest entries in the series to date.

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