Attack on Titan Has a Lot of Questions to Answer Before Its Finale

Attack on Titan has its days numbered. After nearly a decade in print, the hit series will be [...]

Attack on Titan has its days numbered. After nearly a decade in print, the hit series will be ending before too long as Hajime Isayama wants to close the series this spring. April will mark the final month for Attack on Titan, so there are just a few more chapters left at this point. And now, it seems fans are banding together to share the questions they need to be answered before Eren's journey closes.

The whole thing started on Twitter when the user ereniyegah posted a special list. The netizen shared just a few things that the manga hasn't answered yet, and they would love an answer before long.

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"[The] aot manga is ending in 2 chapters and we still don't know: further explanation of the origin of the ackermans, why is the royal blood so special, hange's backstory, where the f-ck armin's family get that book abt the outside world," the fan wrote.

It didn't take long for other Attack on Titan fans to chime in with their own mysteries. Some say they need confirmation of Historia's baby daddy since their identity has only been hinted at. As for others, they want to know more about how the actual walls were made on Paradis once King Fritz left the mainland. There are other mysteries floating about regarding the Eldian Path as well as Falco's special Titan form. Obviously, some of this stuff will not be answered before Attack on Titan closes, but fans are still holding out hope.

Of course, the biggest question fans need answering involves Eren. The soldier was a hero for so long, but his villainous turn in the manga's final arc stunned fans everywhere. His desire for global genocide feels out-of-character given Eren's motivations, so fans would like to get a better reason from the hero. And if not, well - his legacy may not be salvageable.

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