Attack On Titan Flashback Reveals Why Eren Has Changed So Much

Attack On Titan has finished the initial battle of the Survey Corps against the nation of Marley [...]

Attack On Titan has finished the initial battle of the Survey Corps against the nation of Marley on their home turf, with Eren Jaeger responsible for the loss of several members of their band including Sasha, but in the latest episode of the anime, we get a better idea as to how Eren has wound up in this drastically different state. Now harboring the power of the War Hammer Titan after ingesting her body thanks to a quick bite down from the Jaw Titan, Eren is stronger than he has ever been and even his allies are nervous.

The past few episodes have taken the opportunity to show us what the Survey Corps have been up to in the four years between the finale of the third season and the beginning of the fourth. Eren specifically felt like he was "along for the ride" as he had to make some difficult decisions, such as allowing Historia to go from Queen of their people to essentially a "baby factory" as per Zeke's plan of using "The Rumbling" to scare the outside world and leave the Eldians of Paradis in peace. Even though Eren realized the fate that befell Historia, this was simply one part of the reason why Jaeger is so much more intense this time around.

Attack On Titan Eren Jaeger
(Photo: MAPPA)

On top of the fate befalling Historia, Eren had to make the insanely difficult decision of which of his friends would eventually become the inheritor of the Attack Titan, as he only has a little under five years left before he dies as a result of wielding the power of one of the Nine Titans. While there isn't simply one reason as to why Eren flipped, it's clear that all of the different puzzle pieces have been put into place as to why Jaeger is rejecting the idea of peace and realizes that only war is going to be able to save his people.

Currently, Zeke Jaeger is in the custody of the Survey Corps, revealing his true status as an Eldian who is attempting to use the power of the Founding Titan to ensure the survival of his people. Needless to say, a confrontation between Zeke and his younger brother is surely in the cards for the future of Attack On Titan.

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