Attack on Titan Fans Spot Big Tie Between Episode 1 and Episode 80

Attack on Titan fans are still reeling from the time-traveling twist in the series, which was just revealed in anime episode 79. However, even as fans try to process how Attack on Titan just went all Back to the Future on them – and how it changes the series and Eren Jaeger's story entirely – they're already noticing that some even bigger head-trippy stuff seems to be coming down the pike. As you will see below, the brief preview for Attack on Titan episode 80 already includes major signal flares that Eren's story arc is about to come full circle back to the series' first episode! 

(WARNING: Attack on Titan anime SPOILERS Follow!) 

Attack on Titan anime fans have quickly spotted two key details in the preview for episode 80 that tie directly back to episode 1 of the anime: 

  1. The names of the episodes. Episode 1 of Attack on Titan was titled "To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1". Episode 80 will be titled "From You, 2,000 Years Ago".
  2. There's an image of Eren Jaeger, face locked in tearful desperation, from episode 1; fans have spotted a mirroring image of Eren, in the Paths dimension, only his face is now raging, instead of crying. 

Attack on Titan Episode 79 ended with Eren Jaeger being revealed as the one who masterminded his family's entire theft of Founding Titan and massacre of the Reiss family, by using the time-travel powers of the Attack Titan to influence his father, Grisha. That reveal brought Grisha together again with his estranged son Zeke, with one shared goal in mind: stopping Eren. 

With that on the table, there's a lot to consider about the parallels between Attack on Titan Episode 1 and Episode 80. The end of Attack on Titan's first episode featured the moment of the formative trauma in Eren Jaeger's life: the death of his mother Carla, who was eaten by a Titan (and not just any Titan) during the Fall of Shiganshina District. It was that event (and his father's absence) that sent Eren down the path he's on; the last few episodes of Attack on Titan's anime certainly make it seem Eren is out to make somebody pay for the horrors of the world he's lived in. Carla's death would be a timely focal point for whatever Eren does next. 

Grisha, Zeke, the strange entity of Ymir – Eren is currently in the company of them all, and any one of them (or all them) arguably bears some of the weight of what happened to his mom. 

Attack on Titan's final episodes are streaming on Funimation and Hulu.