Attack on Titan Finally Reunites Zeke and His Dad in One Emotional Scene

Attack on Titan has finally given Zeke Yeager the father and son reunion he so sorely needed with a very emotional scene in the newest episode of the series! As Zeke and Eren worked toward their plan to euthanize the future of Eldia, one thing that had seemingly united Zeke together with his half-brother was the thought that their father was terrible to the both of them. Zeke had believed Grisha abandoned him only to further destroy the life of his half brother across the seas by unwittingly setting his Titan path in motion. That was until some big reveals came in the newest episode.

The newest episode of the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan saw Eren and Zeke explore Grisha's past through the power of the Founding Titan's Paths, and with that power Zeke actually realizes that Grisha was ultimately a victim caught within a deadly web weaved by Eren. As he discovered this new side to his father and his eyes were opened even further, the two of them got to share the much needed reunion and catharsis that this father and son really needed to move on. 

Episode 79 of Attack on Titan follows Eren and Zeke as they watch Grisha throughout his life, and thanks to the Attack Titan's secret ability Grisha is actually aware that they are there the entire time. Towards the end of the flashback after he carries out the murder of the Reiss family, Zeke sees as his father was manipulated into doing so by Eren. This gets him to see his father in a whole new light, and soon after Grisha connects with Zeke directly as he apologizes for being a terrible father. 

Telling Zeke he loves him and lamenting the time lost between the two of them, both father and son are driven to tears. It's not a reunion that gets to last for long, however, as Grisha spends his final moments with Zeke warning him to put a stop to Eren's disastrous new plan. It's quite the swing back and forth for Zeke, and now he's suddenly dealing with the fact that his whole life and motivations have been turned upside down

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