Attack On Titan Sets Its Deadliest Plan Into Motion

The Beast Titan first debuted in the second season of Attack On Titan's anime adaptation, throwing fans for a loop as the hairy beast was the first Titan that we had witnessed talking in complete sentences. With each episode revealing more about this world, we've learned that the Beast Titan is the brother of Eren Jaeger and Zeke has thrown his lot in with his younger sibling that is causing serious problems for both the nation of Marley and the Scout Regiment.   

Zeke's status as an Eldian who has a little royal blood running through his veins grants him an ability that many other Titans don't have, wherein he is able to take control of mindless Titans around him and even transform Eldians that have swallowed some spinal fluid from a Titan. Unfortunately for the higher-ups of Paradis' army, Zeke and Eren put together a plan to keep the Eldian bosses in their back pocket, threatening to transform them all into mindless Titans should they disobey, which is essentially a death sentence. Of course, this latest episode sees Zeke having to pull out his Trump Card, to dangerous effect.

Unfortunately for Falco and his brother Colt, the young Titan trainee swallowed some of Zeke's spinal fluid and was thus transformed into a Titan himself, with Colt refusing to let his brother go, effectively atomizing the elder sibling in the process. Though Zeke expressed a tinge of guilt thanks to this move, it gave him the distraction he wanted and then some, by transforming dozens, if not hundreds, of Paradis residents into Titans. 

While this plan went off without a hitch, Eren and Zeke were unable to stop Gabi from exacting her revenge on the youngest Jaeger sibling, unleashing a giant bullet that separate Eren's head from his shoulders. Luckily, the brothers were able to make contact mere moments before Eren died, transporting their minds to the legendary "paths" that have them running into a mysterious young girl who has a major role to play in the history, and future, of the Eldian Race.

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