Attack On Titan Is the Most In-Demand Show on TV, Says New Report

Attack On Titan has come a long way since its manga first hit the scene by creator Hajime Isayama, with the fourth and final season currently airing thanks to the production house known as Studio MAPPA. With the battle between the Eldians and Marleyians holding nothing back, it might surprise some that the latest season has become not just the most in-demand anime series in 2021, but the most in-demand television series period for the previous year. 

It is certainly understandable as to why the fourth season of Attack On Titan has been such a big hit, considering that creator Hajime Isayama weaved a story that not only continues the brutal streak of the franchise but severely changes the motivations and goals for several characters, both heroes and villains alike. As the line between good and evil is made that much more unclear following Eren's attack on the nation of Marley, Isayama's series has been able to inject some major emotional moments while continuing the story of the terrifying Titans, with plenty more secrets that are yet to be revealed.

The "Global Audience Demand Analytics Firm", Parrot Analytics, shared the big news that Attack On Titan was the most in-demand series in 2021, both for television shows in general and for anime, with other series such as The Witcher, The Walking Dead, Spongebob Squarepants and American Horror Story making the list in different categories.

With the second half of the final season in full swing, the dark series certainly isn't pulling any punches as Eren Jaeger is attempting to make contact with his brother Zeke in order to unlock the power of the Founding Titan. With the latest episode giving Eren quite the headache, it seems that the Jaeger siblings have achieved their goal, but might have differing opinions on what the power of the Founding Titan should be used for. With a mysterious young girl entering the picture in the landscape known as "The Paths," expect things to get even darker as the anime moves toward its grand finale.

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Via Parrot Analytics