'Attack On Titan' Reveals Eren's Dangerous New Goal

Attack on Titan has never shied away from surprises, and the manga continues to bolster that [...]

Attack on Titan has never shied away from surprises, and the manga continues to bolster that streak. These days, the series is liable to shock fans with every page, and its most recent update has fans doing a double take over Eren.

So, you've been warned! There are spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 111 below!

Recently, Attack on Titan ushered in a brand-new chapter, and the update saw Eren Jaeger come under fire. After escaping jail in chapter 110, the Titan Shifter has come to lead a rebel faction and become a full-on enemy of the Survey Scouts. Now, Commander Pixis has figured out what Eren is planning, and it means bad things for the military.

"Eren is likely searching for someone who knows where Zeke is being held. He will also try to get a hold of Queen Historia as she can be Zeke's substitute," Pixis revealed to his fellow military higher-ups in chapter 111. "For now, we must completely safeguard these two places."

Continuing, Pixis said the best option Paradis has is to surrender to the so-called Jaeger Faction, but the man says the military will not submit.

"We will not submit. We will use the information about Zeke's location to negotiate with the Jaeger Faction. If the Jaeger Faction is planning to take on the world, they will know not to needlessly fight with us," Pixis stressed.

"We will have to disregard the murder of our commander-in-chief if this can prevent thousands of our comrades from killing each other. It's a small price to pay."

If Pixis is on point, then Eren is about to upset more than just the military. His AWOL status has stirred up distrust amongst soldiers, and Eren going after Zeke just makes things worse. While the Marley soldier has been working with Paradis, his sincerity has been questioned time and again. So, if Zeke were really about to turn on Paradis, his connection with Eren would damn the protagonist more so than ever before. The Titan Shifter is on the cusp of becoming a true anti-hero, and fans can't help but wonder how his former comrades will deal with Eren's rebellion if it continues to grow.

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As for Attack on Titan, it was originally created by Hajime Isayama for Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009. The series has since been collected into 23 volumes as of 2017, and it's set in a world where the last remnants of humanity live within a walled city in order to escape the danger of the Titans, a race of giants monsters that eats humans. The lead character, Eren Yeager, ends up joining the military with his two childhood friends Mikasa and Armin after the Titans break through the wall and attack his hometown.