Attack on Titan's New Episode Interrupted and Delayed by Earthquake in Japan

Reports from Japan have confirmed the latest episode of Attack on Titan is being delayed this week due to a sudden earthquake near Kobe. Episode 73 began airing overseas not long ago before the broadcast was removed in favor of breaking news coverage. The interruption comes after a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck near Wakayama less than an hour ago.

The official Twitter behind Attack on Titan confirmed the broadcast of episode 73 has been delayed indefinitely as the network searches for a new time slot.

"Attack on Titan's 73rd episode "Evil" that was broadcasting on NHK General TV was interrupted due to the earthquake that happened in Wakayama. We will inform you all about its future broadcast and distribution details as soon as they've been decided," the statement reads.

Obviously, this delay is a necessary one to give locals in Japan the most up-to-date information on the earthquake and its impact. This disaster is particularly distressing to those overseas given its timing compared to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The devastating disaster ravaged the prefecture on March 11, 2011. Now, just days after its tenth anniversary, alert is high as Japan has experienced another earthquake. Thankfully, the magnitude of this new quake is far less than that recorded ten years ago, but the need for caution remains.

At this point, there is no word on when Attack on Titan will be able to re-air episode 73 in its entirety. It is expected that international simulcasts will be delayed as well, so keep up with for updates on the episode.


Our thoughts are with those in Japan impacted by the earthquake today.