Attack on Titan Reveals What Eren Wants Most from Mikasa

Attack on Titan reveals what Eren Jeager wants the most from Mikasa Ackerman with the penultimate [...]

Attack on Titan reveals what Eren Jeager wants the most from Mikasa Ackerman with the penultimate chapter of the series! Hajime Isayama's long running series will soon come to an end, and it's starting to look a lot like with the newest chapter of the series. With the newest chapter being the second to last chapter of the manga overall, it's time for the last of the major developments and twists before we see how it comes to an end. The biggest of these seem to be between Eren and Mikasa as the two of them connected one final time.

The last time the two of them saw one another in person, Eren coldly distanced himself from Mikasa and Armin before setting out on his apocalyptic new plan. Though he had reached through to them in the Founding Titan's coordinate space before the final battle, Chapter 138 of the series sees Eren and Mikasa make a much different and deeper connection as Eren reveals that he's wanted Mikasa to be free of him this whole time.

Attack on Titan What Eren Wants From Mikasa Spoilers Manga
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The penultimate chapter of the series reveals that Mikasa started to have a strange resonance with Eren once he unleashed his final Titan transformation. Following Reiner and Armin's failed attempt to take him down completely, she seems to meet a version of Eren within her mind. This connection between the two of them takes shape in an alternate future in which the two of them ran away before the full war with Marley.

This fantasy version of Eren (which starts to resonate with the real version) tells Mikasa to throw the scarf out after he's dead, and for her to finally forget about him and live and free life. She refuses to do so as she bids him goodbye in the chapter's cliffhanger, but it also reflects on some of Eren's actions toward Mikasa and Armin in previous chapters.

There's an argument to be made over whether or not he was abusive to them in order to cut them off completely before he began his plan (ina backwards way to "save" them), and only fought against them when they threatened his overall goal. But it's still a strange request from Eren, regardless of whether or not this is really something Mikasa only sees in her head rather than a mental conversation between them both.

It's still far from an apology, and it's still far from completely explaining his actions toward her before now. But what do you think of Eren's request here? Is it really him saying this or is Mikasa hearing what she wants to hear (and thus deny)? Do you think Attack on Titan's final chapter can stick the landing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!