Attack on Titan Season 4 Premiere Introduces Gabi

Attack on Titan has introduced Gabi to the anime with the premiere of the fourth and final season! After much waiting, the final season of the highly anticipated series has finally made its debut and even broke some of the major streaming services as fans flocked to check out the new premiere. While this premiere did not show any of the Survey Corps members or other fan favorites, it did introduce fans to an entirely different continent filled with major key players in the final arc of the series such as a new generation of Titan Warrior Candidates.

One such candidate who will be playing a prominent role in the anime's final season is Gabi. Gabi is introduced to fans as not only as the successor to Reiner's Armored Titan power, but she's going to be a tough individual all on her own as she showed just how far she's willing to go for her pride and country.

Gabi is one of the warrior candidates for Marley, and it's revealed with Season 4's premiere that Marley was embroiled in a major war with a neighboring region. It's revealed through this opening battle how Marley feels about their status in the world thanks to their wielding the power of the Titans, and how those feelings have indoctrinated the likes of future generations. So someone young like Gabi will do everything she can for her country.

This desire to support her country comes through in her reckless extremism as she ends up volunteering to destroy and armored train by putting herself in danger. Removing all aspects of her Marleyan military uniform, and strapping a bomb to her leg, she ends up tricking some of the opposing forces by pretending she's a lost little girl. This gambit ends up being successful for Gabi and Marley as a whole as this move is what eventually helps them win the battle.


It also goes to show how someone like Gabi will factor into the future of the series as the war with Marley truly begins in future episodes of the final season. But what do you think of Gabi's debut in Attack on Titan's fourth and final season? Curious to see what kind of role she will play in the series going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!