Attack On Titan Final Season Trailer Reveals First Look at the War with Marley

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has given us our first look at the final story of Eren Jaeger [...]

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has given us our first look at the final story of Eren Jaeger and his friends within the hard hitting franchise, and the trailer has also shown us the war that will be breaking out between Eldia and Marley as the two nations reach the apex of their confrontation that has been going for hundreds of years. With the conclusion of the third season giving the Eldian people the truth behind the history of the world, they have vowed to bring the war directly to the nation of Marley and we're now seeing the result!

The citizens within the wall, who discovered that they were a part of the bloodline known as Eldians, have been besieged by Titans that have been wandering outside of their walls for years. At the start of the series, the Colossal Titan had blown a giant hole into the Eldian community, killing many Eldian citizens and setting Eren, Armin, and Mikasa on their path where they would become some of the strongest soldiers within the ranks of the Survey Corps. At the end of the third season, Eren and his friends discovered the long awaited secrets held within his father's basement that gave them an inside look into how the world was against them.

The war has been raging between these two nations for quite some time, but the final season is shifting the power structure with Eren and the rest of his fellow soldiers taking the war directly to Marley. With the first poster for the fourth season showing Eren in his Attack Titan form alongside his friends as they descend upon the soldiers of Marley, the final storyline of Attack On Titan is definitely looking to end the series on a high note.

Throughout the trailer, we are shown flashes of Titans such as the Cart Titan armed to the gills, the new Colossal Titan, Eren returning to his Attack Titan form once again, and new Titans in the forms of the Hammer Titan and the Jaw Titan respectively. For those who have been following the manga, they know how high the stakes became during the war of Marley and how the power structure changes to such a degree that the line between "black and white" and "good and evil" is muddied even further.

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