Attack on Titan Collector Unboxes One of the Anime's Wildest Figures

Attack on Titan is busy behind the scenes with the remainder of season four, but the fandom is far [...]

Attack on Titan is busy behind the scenes with the remainder of season four, but the fandom is far from retired. In fact, the community is becoming all the more vocal in the lead up to the finale, and that means content creators are doing some wild things. And over on TikTok, one fan is going viral after they unboxed what might be one of the wildest Attack on Titan figures yet.

The clip comes from over on TikTok as you can see below. The page has racked up millions of views since it was posted this week, and you can see why. After all, this avid collector has nabbed an ultra rare Attack on Titan figure, and it looks absolutely wild.

Unbox รีวิว Attack on Titan x Figurama (Limited 850) $1,410

♬ ATTACK ON TITAN - Flixterr

As you can tell, the video starts off with the figure in box, and the parcels are huge. The clip continues as the figure is built, and the Attack on Titan statue is massive. The figure shows Eren in his Attack Titan form fighting with the Armored Titan, and the scene of destruction surrounding them is bleak to put it lightly.

For those pressed about the figure, well - they are hard to come by if you were wanting to get one. The statue hails from Figurama, and it is part of the brand's Elite Exclusive line. Attack on Titan's limited-edition figure is over two-feet wide, and it is just a tad taller. The piece includes an exclusive art print and a certificate of authenticity from sculptor Caleb Nefzen. And if you nabbed one at retail price, the piece was sold for $1,410 USD.

Clearly, this Attack on Titan statue is massive, and its details are wild. What is even crazier is that has plenty of other figures this massive. You can check their TikTok out to see their full line of statues. And if you are like us, you can make a list of which ones you wish you could have nabbed!

What do you think about this insane Attack on Titan figure? Would you cop for something this wild? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.