Avatar Artist Goes Viral for Their Lifelike Take on Katara

Avatar The Last Airbender blew fans' minds earlier this year when it announced that the world of [...]

Avatar The Last Airbender blew fans' minds earlier this year when it announced that the world of Aang and Korra would be returning to the world of animation with a new studio specifically created by Paramount in order to revisit the universe, and an artist on the original series has returned to offer a life-like take on Katara. Katara of the Water Tribe was an essential part of Aang's journey, learning to bend better throughout the series and developing feelings for the Avatar as both herself and her brother, Sokka, attempted to stop the march of the Fire Nation.

Katara was one of the strongest benders in the world outside of Aang himself, learning to not only wield the power of water bending, but also blood bending, a forbidden technique that seemed more like a curse than a blessing during their trials and tribulations. While there was a live-action version of Katara that was a part of M Night. Shyamalan's film released years ago, Netflix is looking to create a new television series that will adapt the events of the original series in a brand new television project. With Paramount creating new animated adventures in the world of the Avatar, it will be interesting to see what other surprises arrive in the world of bending.

Avatar The Last Airbender artist, Meder Taab, shared this life-like take on Katara from the original series, who progressed when it came to the strength of her abilities and her personality as she grew alongside Aang, Sokka, Toph, and their other allies that were attempting to take down the Fire Nation:

The future animated projects and their stories that will revisit the world of Avatar have yet to be revealed, but fans have been waiting for quite some time to see whether Aang and his friends would return. Katara herself might have mostly been in action during the original series, but she was able to make an appearance during The Legend of Korra as an older woman, leaving plenty of stories left to tell in the decades of the water bender's life.

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