Avatar: The Legend of Korra Lists Best Pro-Bending Battles

Nickelodeon collected The Legend of Korra’s best bending battles for all the Avatar fans out [...]

Nickelodeon collected The Legend of Korra's best bending battles for all the Avatar fans out there. In the community, there are still lively debates about the sequel show and how it treated the source material. A lot of things can be argued, but there is no question that Korra took the element bending foundation that The Last Airbender painted and ran with it. Pro Bending is a logical conclusion of the kind of peace that Republic City has during the earlier moments of the Nickelodeon program. Aang was mostly successful in helping forge a brand new world. But, what would all of these powered beings do with not as much war going on? Turn it into a money-making endeavor not too dissimilar from the fighting ring the original gang found Toph in. A lot of Korra fans wish the series had more time to establish the world that the characters ran around in. (Detractor from the sequel or not, you can't deny the creative team really did a good job of building different corners of this changed world.) Check out the video down below:

Korra herself had some words about how the themes and characters are still speaking to fans after all these years. She spoke to Comicbook.com about the legacy of both Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra.

"We both have spent a lot of time talking about how big picture and how big the themes, how heavy some of those themes are," Varney said. "I think we both know it in the sense that we do these conventions and we have these deep conversations with these amazing fans who have life stories to share and that leaned on the show to help them get through difficult things."

"In rewatching it and really coming at it knowing that we were going to be digging deep into it and talking about the meta experience of doing it and being fans of this universe, just what gets packed into a single episode, and how intense and deep some of these themes really go, we've just consistently felt a sense of wonder and awe about that, I think," she added. "For me, this time around is especially resonant, possibly because of what has been going on in the real world. And so those things pop out more and they sit on your heart in a heavier, deeper way."

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