Avatar The Last Airbender Will Return This Year With Azula Story

Avatar The Last Airbender will return on two different fronts in the future, with Netflix continuing to work on its live-action television series which will adapt the initial animated series, and Paramount's Avatar Studios working on new projects that will bring us back to the original universe. These two takes on the bending universe aren't the only place where Avatar will return as a new graphic novel series is set to arrive later this year from Dark Horse Comics in Azula In The Spirit Temple.

This upcoming graphic novel will fall under the Avatar Studios banner, but don't expect it to be completely separate from the comic stories that came before it from Dark Horse. Azula In The Spirit Temple will take into account the comic book sequels to the original Avatar The Last Airbender animated series, specifically following the events of Zuko's journey to find his mother. With his sister Azula having a difficult time following her defeat and the defeat of her father, the Fire Lord Ozai, it has yet to be seen whether the Fire Princess can be redeemed considering her mental state and her love of death and destruction that was prevalent throughout the animated show.

Azula The Last Firebender

Dark Horse Comics shares new details on the upcoming series which will continue Avatar's comic series that will often look at the world of bending following the conclusion of the original series, with other stories also taking place following The Legend of Korra's conclusion to boot:

The graphic novel will arrive with retailers on September 26th of this year, with Dark Horse Comics releasing the following official description of the upcoming story:

"In this story: Azula continues her destabilization campaign against the Fire Nation and her brother, Fire Lord Zuko. But after a failed attack on her latest target, Azula finds herself in a mysterious forest temple inhabited by a solitary monk. What first seems like a place to safely pass the night is quickly revealed to be something horrifyingly different. Azula is forced to confront her past and will finally face her chance at redemption…but will she take it?"

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