Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Casts Azula, Suki, Kyoshi, and More

Netflix is ready to revamp Avatar: The Last Airbender for better or worse. The streaming giant is making a live-action adaptation of the hit series, and so far, netizens have hope in the project given its spot-on casting. As production has kicked off in Canada, all eyes are on the set to see which other characters will join Aang's gang in this series. And now, a new report has confirmed the stars who will bring Azula, Kyoshi, Suki, and others to life.   

The update comes from Netflix as the service announced its latest Avatar: The Last Airbender castings. The series, which is being filmed up in Vancouver, has welcomed five new stars to its roster. So if you want to see who's playing who, you can find the casting breakdown below:

(Photo: Netflix)
  • Elizabeth Yu (she/her; Untitled Ray Romano Film, All My Love) will play Azula, the intensely driven princess of the Fire Nation. A firebending prodigy and relentless perfectionist, she'll stop at nothing to secure her position as the heir to the throne.
  • Maria Zhang (she/her) will play Suki, the intimidating leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, an elite female fighting force dedicated to protecting their community and upholding the ideals of their namesake, Avatar Kyoshi.
  • Tamlyn Tomita (she/her; The Good Doctor, Cobra Kai) will play Yukari, Suki's mother and the fiercely protective mayor of her small village on Kyoshi Island.
  • Yvonne Chapman (she/her; Kung Fu, Family Law) will play Avatar Kyoshi, a legendary warrior revered for her bravery, fearsome fighting skills, and uncompromising dedication to the cause of justice.
  • Casey Camp-Horinek (she/her, Barking Water, Reservation Dogs) will play Gran Gran, Katara and Sokka's grandmother and the compassionate and wise matriarch of the Southern Water Tribe.

As you can see, this casting update has answered a major question that fans had about the show. Azula has found her actress, and the show's first season will explore the Kyoshi Warriors. Fans have wondered how much the first season would cover, but the addition of Suki and Yukari makes things a lot clearer. So if you're ready to see Sokka fall hard for the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, Netflix is going to make that happen in Avatar: The Last Airbender

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