Avatar: The Last Airbender Shares First Look at the New Fire Nation Princess

Avatar: The Last Airbender isn't afraid to drop bombshells about its lore, and we've become very aware of that in the last few years. As interest in Avatar has risen so too has the franchise's interest in divulging secrets. While the IP works on its next projects behind the scenes, the Avatar fandom is doing what it can to unearth new details about the series when possible, and a big revelation about the Fire Nation just took the community by storm.

After all, we just got our first look at a familiar Fire Nation princess. The fandom has been given an official first look at Princess Zeisan, and it turns out Fire Lord Sozin's sister was as gorgeous as fans expected.

As you can see above, the team behind Avatar shared official artwork of Zeisan, and the reveal marked a first for the princess. After all, we have heard about Fire Lord Sozin's sister before but never knew much about her looks. All we knew was that Zeisan was averse to the Fire Nation's quest to conquer the world, and the princess ended up finding peace in the air nomad way of life.

If you have never heard of Princess Zeisan before now, you should know the character was introduced outside of the main Avatar series. Their first appearance was marked in the core book of Avatar Legends: The Role-Playing Game which includes canon details about the series. It was there we learned Fire Lord Sozin had a sister who made her Azulon's aunt. And of course, this made her a great-aunt to Iron and Ozai and so forth.

According to her lore, Princess Zeisan wasn't able to fire bend and spent her early years being pitted against Sozin to no end. She went on to study the ways of the Air Nomad under Sister Rioshon, and the two women fell in love. However, they knew their relationship could never be legitimized due to their positions, and Zeisan ultimately ended up engaged to an Air Nomad philosopher named Khandro. Disguised as a political marriage, Zeisan hoped marrying Khandro would help even the Fire Nation moving forward as her fiancé was really the leader of a renegade organization called Guiding Wind. But when Sozin was approached about the arrangement, things did not go as Zeisan hoped.

The Fire Nation royal led a complicated life, and Princess Zeisan shows us what could have happened to Sozin if his bond with the Avatar hadn't frayed to pieces. Now, we know what the heroine looked liked thanks to this key art. And if we are lucky, Avatar will continue to explore the Fire Nation's intricate history as the franchise expands. 

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