Popular Kodansha Manga Ends After 5+ Years

It looks like one of the best series under Kodansha Comics has come to an end. After all, Nisio Isin just brought his addition to the Monogatari series to a close. After more than five years in print, the final chapter of Bakemonogatari is here, and the goodbye is most definitely bittersweet.

The series came to a close on March 13th in Japan as Weekly Shonen Magazine put out the big finale. As you can imagine, all eyes are on Isin as the artist has been working on Bakemonogatari since March 2018. Of course, the artist has plenty of other projects on hand these days, so we don't have to worry about the Monogatari franchise going anywhere.

After all, Ishin is the one who brought the hit novel series to life. In 2005, the author brought Monogatari to the world, and the franchise is still a success to this day. So far, the franchise has nearly 30 volumes to its name, and the Monogatari Universe continues to grow. With over a dozen series to its name, you can hardly blame Isin for bringing Bakemonogatari to an end now that it has accumulated 20 volumes on its own.

If you are not familiar with Bakemonogatari, the series follows a character named Koyomi Araragi, a high school senior who is attacked by a vampire. The boy is transformed into a quasi-vampire, and with help from Meme Oshino, they adapt to life with their supernatural curse. However, things in his life take a turn when Koyomi meets a girl named Hitagi Senjougahara and discovers he is far from the only student at his school with a supernatural affliction.

For those wanting to check out more of Bakemonogatari, you can find the manga's English volumes in print courtesy of Kodansha USA. As for the Monogatari anime, an entire Bakemonogatari anime was produced in 2009 that you can binge on Crunchyroll. The anime's official synopsis can be read below:

"There's a girl at their school who is always ill. She routinely arrives late, leaves early, or doesn't show up at all, and skips gym as a matter of course. She's pretty, and the boys take to whispering that she's a cloistered princess. As the self-described worst loser in her class soon finds out, they just don't know what a monster she is."

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