Netflix's Viral 'Berserk' Poll Has Got Anime Fans Real Curious

Netflix isn’t shy about its anime aspirations, and fans are eager to see what the site has in [...]

Netflix isn't shy about its anime aspirations, and fans are eager to see what the site has in store. Between Castlevania and Devilman Crybaby, the site has a lot to offer, and a recent poll on social media has plenty wondering whether Berserk may be on Netflix's radar.

After all, producer Adi Shankar seems to be on board, and fans are right behind him.

The latest round of fan-speculation began when a poll went up on Netflix's social media pages. The site asked netizens who their favorite anime Guts is, pitting two familiar characters against each other. Berserk's own Guts was asked to face off with Guts from Kill la Kill, and it seems the swordsman is winning out.

Looking at the results, Berserk's lead has amassed 66% of votes while Kill la Kill has fallen behind to 34% at this time. Netflix has confirmed the results are mirrored in its recent Facebook poll, and fans on both sites are wondering why Netflix is asking.

Sure, the site does have a vested interest in anime, but the timing of Berserk's nod is rather curious. Not long ago, the showrunner of Netflix's Castlevania anime did confirm his interest in Berserk, and Shankar took a moment to answer this poll himself.

"I think we already know my answer to his," Shankar wrote before adding in a hashtag reading, "Not another Golden Age arc".

Earlier this year, Shankar made his desire in Berserk known after the producer spoke with Forbes. It was there the showrunner said it was time for the anime to make a comeback.

"Berserk needs to come back. If someone reputable gets me the rights I'll bring it back in that 2D hand-drawn vibe and make is closer to the manga, because the hyper-detailed beauty of Kentaro Miura's artwork in the manga is the true masterpiece," he said.

With Castlevania's success backing him at Netflix, Shankar's interests are more than just dreams; If Netflix is serious about expanding its library, then Berserk would be a way to nab fans. After all, the franchise's last anime outing was panned for its lackluster CG animation, but Shankar's team is the opposite of shoddy. With the right talent backing it, a Berserk anime could draw comparisons to series like Game of Thrones, and fans are beginning to wonder whether Netflix is wising up to that untapped potential.

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