Berserk Cosplay Imagines the Black Swordsman's Motorcycle Gear

While Guts' go-to weapon in Berserk has usually been his giant sword that is appropriately titled the "Dragon Slayer", this isn't to say that the Black Swordsman hasn't used some wild technology throughout his bloody journey. Now, one fan has applied Guts' powerful Berserker armor to their motorcycle gear, creating quite the fit for hitting the road. Berserk as a series lost its creator, Kentaro Miura, last year, but that hasn't stopped the series from remaining a fan-favorite that is considered to be one of the best stories in anime history.     

As most Berserk fans know at this point, the creator of the series, Kentaro Miura, had tragically passed last year, leaving the story of the Band of the Hawk unfinished. While the publishers of the bleak manga, Young Animal, originally stated that they weren't certain whether the series might continue under the pens of Miura's assistants, it's been over one year since Miura's passing and it does truly seem as though chapter 364 of Berserk was its last. However, while we might never know the true ending to the story of Guts, it remains one of the greatest stories produced within the medium of manga.

Reddit User Danger Deckman shared this spot-on take of Guts in his dark Berserker armor, which would grant the Black Swordsman a major boost in fighting against the demonic Apostles created by the Godhand but would also see him receiving some wild damage as a result and nearly lose his mind in the process to boot:

Guts on his way to fight Griffith like: from Berserk

While Berserk's manga might be done, there are plenty of stories that followed Guts and his merry band that have yet to be adapted into the medium of anime to date. With the 2016 adaptation not receiving a third season, thanks in part to the controversy from fans that the television series wasn't able to live up to Miura's artwork, a new project hasn't been announced but surely, the remaining passion for the franchise will one day see it return to either the small or silver screen.

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