Berserk And Hunter x Hunter Cross Over Via Amazing Tattoo

Berserk and Hunter x Hunter are two of the most beloved anime franchises within the community of [...]

Berserk and Hunter x Hunter are two of the most beloved anime franchises within the community of those who love the medium, with one fan of both series getting a unique tattoo that blends the "Cursed Mark" of the Godhand with the symbol of the Phantom Troupe. With the recent passing of Berserk's creator Kentaro Miura still causing a number of anime fans reeling, it's no surprise to see that more fans are deciding to get tattoos that honor the dark world, with this particular fan blending the world of the Band of the Hawks with the world of hunters.

The future of Berserk is anyone's guess at this point following the loss of Miura, with many fans believing that the latest chapter of the manga series, Chapter 363, will act as the series finale for the dark story that told the story of conflicted characters including the likes of Guts, Griffith, and Casca. While Hunter x Hunter's creator Yoshihiro Togashi is still among the land of the living, there is no sign as to when the adventures of Gon and his friends will return to either the worlds of anime or manga. Needless to say, fans' love of both series has been notable throughout the years.

Reddit User Mr. Meeseeks 33 shared this amazing tattoo that blends both the Cursed Mark of Berserk with the mark of the Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter, the nefarious collection of Nen users that are easily some of the most terrifying characters introduced in the Shonen franchise:

The last time we saw Berserk in the world of anime was in 2017, with the second season of the computer-generated animated season not continuing past the finale of that series. On the flip side, the Hunter x Hunter series ended its run in 2014, covering most of the series that had played out in the manga from creator Yoshihiro Togashi and produced by the legendary animation Madhouse. While there has never been a crossover between the two franchises, it would be amazing to see which of the two protagonists would come out the victor is Guts were to take on Gon.

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