Berserk's New Chapters Are Here: Read

When Berserk lost its creator tragically last year, fans of Kentaro Miura were heartbroken that they would never see new art from the prolific mangaka. While Miura will continue to be missed by anime fans for years to come, friends of the mangaka in Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga are helping in creating new chapters for the dark manga series. Now, fans around the world have the opportunity to read the newest chapters of Berserk that continue to tell the story of Guts and his friends following the cliffhanger established in Miura's final chapter.    

In Chapter 364 of Berserk, the last installment from creator Kentaro Miura, the Moonlight Boy was revealed to actually be Griffith in disguise, with Chapters 365 and 366 diving into the carnage taking place on Elfheim as a result of Femto's arrival. Without missing a beat, Guts springs into action and allows his rage to once again control him as he attempts to strike Griffith down, unsuccessfully missing his target as he takes wild swings with the Dragon Slayer as his Berserker armor begins crawling up his skin. Unfortunately, Griffith's presence also has an effect on Casca, as she is shown suffering from some severe post-traumatic stress disorder as Elfheim is now caught in the crosshairs.

You can currently purchase the new chapters directly from Young Animal here, or pick up the magazine itself from Amazon Japan here, with the friends of Miura proving that they are truly honoring their departed friend with their current work.

If you want an idea for how these new chapters look, several panels and pages are making the rounds on Twitter as fans celebrate the return of the dark anime franchise that is often considered by many to be one of the best stories told within the medium:

While Mouri and Gaga have been tight-lipped with regards to how many chapters Berserk will reveal before it brings the story of Guts to a close, many readers are thrilled that the series is finishing the story as it began in the 1980s and has had plenty of fans hooked for decades at this point. 

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