New Berserk Statue Shows Off The Fierceness of Casca

Berserk has seen the character of Casca go through what might possibly be the worst series of [...]

Berserk has seen the character of Casca go through what might possibly be the worst series of events that any anime creation has ever had to endure, but Prime 1 Studio is returning her to glory with their upcoming statue that shows off her time as a captain of the Band of the Hawk! With Guts and Casca travelling the land during the series of Berserk in order to get revenge on the friends they lost at the hands of Griffith, the one time leader of their band of mercenaries, the manga has recently hinted that the franchise has entered its "end game"!

Casca was originally rescued by Griffith following being sold into slavery, thus having the female warrior believe that she owed him and took up the sword to lend her might to the Band of the Hawk's cause. When Griffith found himself a traitor to the country of Midland, Casca attempted a rescue attempt with her friend, and lover, Guts in order to save him. Unfortunately, this only led to a series of events where demons were brought to Earth and Griffith betrayed his comrades to gain demonic power in "the Eclipse". With the terrifying events leading to Casca losing her mind, it's no surprise to see this female warrior given an insanely detailed statue of her own!

Prime 1 Studio shared a first look at the upcoming statue from the Berserk franchise, promising fans that pre-orders would begin on May 21st, with the Casca statues themselves being sent out for delivery later this year for fans of the bloody series who want to add this pricey figure to their collection:

In the manga, the unthinkable has happened in that Casca has regained her sanity following the Eclipse thanks to the efforts of Guts and his friends. What this means for the future of the franchise is yet to be told, but fans are more ecstatic than ever to see how Berserk will wrap its story!

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