Watch The Best Moment Of 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 125 Here

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is heading into its last five minutes, so fans have been [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is heading into its last five minutes, so fans have been treated to lots of great moments as it nears the end game for the series. Episode 125 provided even more of these moments with the rise of a new God of Destruction in Toppo.

Not only did Universe 11's Toppo reach a new height of power, this came with an extreme showing of aggressive power completely overwhelming Freeza in the process.

After Freeza and Android 17 seemingly overwhelmed Toppo with their combined ki blasts (especially after Freeza hit Toppo with a sneak attack), he wakes up and undergoes a terrifying new transformation. Becoming a God of Destruction and giving up his concepts of Justice and Evil, Toppo unleashes an aggressive assault on Freeza.

Each punch held a resounding crunch and completely devastated Freeza. His beat down left Freeza completely unconscious as well. After he survives Toppo's Hakai attack, as the episode mirrors Freeza's fight with Goku on Namek, Toppo makes an example out of the villain by displaying an even greater mass of power.

Before this physical beatdown, he destroyed Freeza's pride. Launching an orb of Hakai energy, he nearly destroyed Freeza. Freeza failed to catch it as he's been able to do in the past, but he's shocked to find out that he can't block it and it slowly absorbs him.

The end of their bout left Freeza completely unconscious and hanging on the edge of the tournament stage. Now fans are wondering where the fight can even go from such a destructive display.

Dragon Ball Super's "Universal Survival" arc is part of the recent simulcast agreement that sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have scored. DragonBall Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturday evenings at 7:15 p.m. CST. Adult Swim airs the English dub during its Toonami block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m, and is now available to stream on FunimationNOW and Amazon Video.

There is also currently a new Dragon Ball film in the works for 2018. The film will focus on the Saiyans, the "origins of Goku's power," and potentially the story of the very first Super Saiyan God. Not only does it aim to be the best film in the series, original creator Akira Toriyama will be contributing to the film's script and new character designs.