Black Clover Releases Preview for Its Anime Finale

Black Clover is one of the biggest anime series on air these days, but that will end before long. After all, the show is expected to come to a close in a week's time with episode 170. Now, the first preview for the finale has gone live, and fans are ready to see what the big ending has in store for everyone.

Not long ago, Black Clover put out its most recent episode, and the penultimate release got fans hyped for the finale. The anime has since put out a 15-second clip teasing the finale, and it will shine a spotlight on Asta and Liebe. After all, there are still tons of questions out there about Liebe, and Asta deserves to get a few answers before the anime ends.

As you can see above, the finale preview does not spoil much, but it does show Liebe as a kid. The Black Clover clip goes on to visit Asta as Liebe grows older before fans thanks to several flashback sequences. Clearly, this finale will answer some big questions about the devil, but it will most likely spur even more mysteries by the end.

Of course, there is no telling when or if these questions will ever be answered down the line. Black Clover has simply confirmed it is ending with episode 170, and fans know nothing else beyond that. Many expect the series to return once the manga has gotten far enough ahead to give the anime more content to adapt. Still, that hunch is nothing more than a guess, so Asta's fate is up in the air right now. So if you are a fan of the anti-magic mage, you will want to savor the anime's finale as much as possible!


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